Unaccompanied Children

We welcome unaccompanied children between the ages of 6 and 17 as long as they hold government issued photo ID or passport and a letter of consent from their parent or guardian and they are not flying on a multi-sector route.


Medical and Special Needs

Expectant mothers are welcome aboard up until 36 weeks of pregnancy.  We do require a doctor’s certificate for mothers over 28 weeks of pregnancy and in cases of multiple births we welcome mothers up until 32 weeks.

We are unable to carry passengers suffering from serious infectious conditions (e.g. pneumonia, tuberculosis).

Injured passengers with mobility issues or special needs must inform the airline prior to departure. If you require such assistance, please email:bookings@Fly540.com



Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate immobile or lift-on/off passengers. This is because our aircrafts are not fitted with the special equipment needed for these situations and, as a result, our insurance does not provide cover against any issues that might arise through our employees physically carrying a passenger.


We are however able to assist wheelchair passengers who can be escorted up to the aircraft door, as long as they are able to climb the stairs – and provided we are informed at the time of booking. For further information, please email:bookings@Fly540.com