2 flights from Nairobi to Zanzibar daily

An archipelago in the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar consists of two main islands, Pemba and Unguja and numerous smaller islands.  It is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania, 16-31miles off the coast of the mainland.  The Islands are famous for their spices, producing cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and black pepper, and it is for this reason that Zanzibar, along with Mafia Island, is often referred to as the Spice Islands.  Zanzibar City is located on Unguja and is steeped in ancient history.  Known as the Stone Town, the old city is now a World Heritage Site. 


Key attractions are: The old dispensary of Zanzibar, the Gulliani Bridge, Ngome Kongw (Old Fort), House of Wonders and in the town of Kidich, the Hamani Persian Baths built between 1870 and 1888.